Work-life balance book: "Work Less, Earn More" by Karl Sakas

How to Escape the Daily Grind of Agency Ownership

By Karl Sakas (2023)

Book cover: Work Less, Earn More (by Karl Sakas)


As an agency owner, you’re running a uniquely complicated business.

Like any services firm, you’re surrounded by clients, team members, and other humans—and humans are complicated. But unlike a plumber or electrician, your clients tend to be picky about whether your work is “good enough”… or even whether it’s “done.”

Other professional services firms sell complex services, too. Yet in spite of all the lawyer and accountant jokes, their clients tend to pay their bills on time.

Add-in the fact that many agency owners are “accidental” business owners… yet the agency is typically their family’s #1 or #2 financial asset? It’s a recipe for stress (if you actually had time to eat lunch).

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Work Less, Earn More gives you a step-by-step process to reclaim your work-life balance and get paid what you’re worth. When you make the right decisions, you can look forward to a brighter future.


About the Author

Karl Sakas has been working with agency owners since he first learned HTML in 1997 — one of his first web development projects was for a marketing agency that needed a website.

Although he ultimately realized he wasn’t a designer, he loved working with marketing agencies. Agency owners tend to love marketing, design, or development—but running the business side of their agency doesn’t come naturally to them.

As a fourth-generation business owner, he grew up talking about client service and strategic planning.

Earlier in his career, he quickly climbed the ranks at two agencies, serving as the owners’ right-hand and confidante while leading project management and becoming the head of business operations.

Today he brings 20 years of consulting experience to his work with agencies, including working with more than 400 agencies in 36 countries (on every inhabited continent!). And he shares hundreds of free or low-cost resources, including articles and books about managing agencies.