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How to build a $1,300/month side business for just $19. Here's the entire 16-step business plan for you: 1. Clean up your LinkedIn profile to reflect what you do for people. 2. Create daily content that talks about one specific challenge you solve. 3. When people ask questions about your content, send them a DM. 4. Ask them if they'd like to talk for free, to see if you can help. 5. Do 15-20 calls to better understand how to solve their problem. 6. Create a process you can walk people through in 60 minutes. 7. Then go to Carrd and build a simple personal website for $19. 8. Open up a Calendly account and create a service. 9. Title the service "From X to Y in 60 minutes" Example: "From clueless to writing your first line of code in 60 min." 10. Integrate Calendly into Stripe to charge for the service. 11. Open up a few slots outside of your 9 to 5. 12. Add a "Buy" button to your Carrd page. 13. Redirect it to the paid Calendly service 14. Then, add your website to your LinkedIn profile URL and Featured section. 15. Continue creating great content each day. 16. When people ask questions, direct them to the link to pay. If you can book: - 2 calls/week at $150/hr: $1,300 per month - 3 calls/week at $150/hr: $1,950 per month - 3 calls/week at $250/hr: $3,250 per month The possibilities are endless. Want another option? Here's a side business that could do $109,500 per year (with some effort): https://lnkd.in/g62kJwRH Have a wonderful Sunday.

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