Landing Page Optimization

I spent a good portion of my career doing conversion optimization consulting, built a bit of a reputation in that space.

Measuring everything was the go-to, bring quant data or go home.

For small businesses and startups though, focusing more on the qualitative data actually makes way more sense:

  1. Need much smaller volume of data to be useful
  2. You actually know what to do about it.

I see this all the time: new startup sets up web analytics and heat map tracking (yes, very good), but then have no idea what to do with any of this data.

An untrained eye looking at heap maps or GA reports can't make sense of it. Translating the data into insights and "what should we do now" is not easy.

It's far easier and more actionable to focus on qualitative data in those early stages. You'll know exactly what to do.

A B2B startup or agency will get 10x the insights running live chat, doing Wynter messaging tests, and conducting sales calls/demos compared to any quant data.