Jamie Sterling's North Shore


This is your backstage pass into the North Shore of Oahu, aka the Seven Mile Miracle. A swathe of golden sand backed by lush mountains, dotted with dozens of world-class surf breaks you’ve heard of your entire life.

Whether it’s cruising local backroads on two-wheels or learning the line-up spots, having renowned waterman Jamie Sterling by your side is the key to experiencing this coastline that many visitors never truly “know”.

Only private groups

Recommended duration

6 days, 5 nights

Surf ability requirement

For casual surfers and above. You don’t need to rip.


TheUnassuming Icon

Sitting in the surf with the Zen-like Jamie Sterling, you immediately notice that your guide gets more shakas and Howzit's from swooning folks than he gives. The local love and respect for this wise and quiet figure is palpable.

“I’ve been in the ocean my whole life on the North Shore; it’s given me everything...”

— Jamie Sterling


Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Jamie has been a waterman his entire life, beginning his career as a professional big-wave surfer at the age of 16. Holding the title of 2011 WSL Big Wave World Champion, with countless other competitive accolades, he also garners a yearly invite to the coveted Eddie Aikau event.

A Dream Wavefor Everyone

From split-peak reef breaks to rolling longboard point breaks, shifting sandbars to challenging slabs – all in warm, deep blue ocean – the North Shore truly has a wave for every level of surfer. With a 9-month long surf season from September through May, there are easy learner waves like Puaena Point, intermediate reefs like Rockies, and of course biggies like Waimea Bay and the Banzai Pipeline to truly test your mettle.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, however, maybe you’d like to do your very own “Triple Crown”, surfing Haleiwa, Pipeline and Sunset, all in one day. The option is there and very doable with your guide, who excels at them all.

Welcometo the Country

While the other side of the island is commonly referred to as “Town”, the greener, mountainous and slower-paced North Shore of Oahu is what locals call “Country”. A tight-knit community of local people and Mainland transplants line the postcard-like coastline; commercial development has always been slow to arrive in these parts.

Smell the backyard BBQs down side streets, taste fresh açai from a Brazilian food truck, or visit an ancient Hawaiian heiau in the hills. The unchanging North Shore has an earthy culture beyond the surf.

“I’ve been a bunch of times, but I’ve never really been dialed-in on the North Shore. To me, that was the cool thing. There’s nobody else offering this kind of experience.”

—Scott, United States

Hand-picked homes and hotels

Stay in hidden boutique hotels and houses perfectly fit for groups from two to eight surfers. Whether you’re looking for digs with a masseuse or a comfy place right on the beach we know the perfect spot.