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Cursor is compatible with all vscode extensions. Just one click to install all extensions you have on vscode!

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With local mode, we store none of your data in our servers or logs.

AI-powered programmer tool

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Cursor's features unlock massive speedups for engineers


Chat that sees everything

Cursor ingests your repository, linter diagnostics, git diffs, recent edits, documentation, and more.

Repo-Wide Understanding

Cursor can answer questions about your entire repo.

Point to Your Code

Refer directly to code definitions, files, and documentation.

Debug with ease

For all those annoying bugs and errors, let Cursor fix them for you!

Auto-Debugging & Fix Lint Errors

Cursor automatically investiages linter errors and ingests stack traces to figures out the root cause of your bug

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We are proud to have helped tens of thousands of developers all over the world to be more productive.

Sam Whitmore


started using yesterday & i'm blown away. it's how Copilot should feel. i'm completely off VSCode now.

great work @amanrsanger and @mntruell. two concrete examples:

1) it generated a new viewset for me using the correct schema of my django models that were mentioned in a completely different file

2) i asked it a timezone question about a crontab & it generated the answer in context in the correct place in my celerybeat schedule, again in a completely different file (~100 files in the whole project)

its awesome.

dazzatron 🌞 @derk_zomer

Programming video with #GPT4 and Shotstack just got a little bit more exciting with Cursor IDE by @amanrsanger

Artificial Guy


Cursor has been a pleasant surprise.

One of the best use of AI. Better than Copilot? I think so.

Rick @llmbasedos

Cursor IDE buddy is the best code editor I've ever used.

Saurabh Chauhan @saurabh_vision

And here is cursor ( launching the complete project building with AI. Multifile Generation + codebase-wise understanding going live next week as well.

You're killing it @amanrsanger🎉



Cursor is far ahead of other AI code assistance.

I've been spreading it to my friends to use.

Joel Dean @sirjoeldean

@amanrsanger I'm a Cursor power user at this point. It's an awesome product. The way how it is able to gain and maintain context as a true coding companion is astounding.

Kerem 🚀 @keremtiryaki

@amanrsanger tried the today. it was amazing, same feeling when i started to use copilot



This is amazing. I just found & fixed the bug in my code that I was trying to solve.



Huge shout-out to @amanrsanger and @mntruell for

It is an IDE developed using the latest #GPT4 technology. It can boost your coding efficiency and knowledge by an unprecedented amount.

Looking forward to more features within the IDE 🔥🙌

That's a game-changer for every developer!


Sam J hudson


Enjoying cursor - it's becoming something awesome

Sam Rawal


Tried out to quickly build a tiny idea, and what a fun, wonderful experience! 😊 The GPT-4 integration dramatically shrinks timeframe from idea→ prototype for small projects like this, and the interface + functionality is delightful to use! @amanrsanger

Tim Connors @itstimconnors

Ive been having fun with by @amanrsanger

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