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Josh Payne@0xpayne



Hey! Thanks for checking out Coframe :) I'm Josh 👋 I've been building/scaling startups for the last few years, and recently I've been enjoying my return to hacking. Coframe is a product that I wish I'd had as someone who doesn't have a marketing superpower. In fact, Coframe itself heavily uses Coframe ;) The idea came about as I was daydreaming about what user interfaces of the future could look like. What if we gave our digital interfaces their own sense of intelligence? Enter Coframe, a first step towards a living, adaptive, individualized internet, powered by AI that continuously improves itself and the user experiences it underlies. Coframe starts with text, and is designed primarily for websites and apps. It's a case where AI shines today (and in many cases, surpasses even human performance). Why is this different than just plugging into an LLM as-is? Coframe creates a feedback loop between your users and your website or app, constantly improving it over time based on real-world performance ("regenerative AI", if you will). This means that two users may see two different things. Further, the intelligence that's built up for your brand can be leveraged across different platforms you may have. The traction so far has been encouraging. We're currently being integrated into the sites of a few unicorn companies, a company doing Messi's upcoming NFT drop, and a brand doing $1B in annual revenue that will be sending millions of text messages out to people per month. What's next? For starters, Coframe will be quickly expanding beyond text and into other elements such as visuals, structure, and user flows. Personalization is also in the works :) I'd love to thank @chrismessina for hunting Coframe and @rrhoover for the sage wisdom across the board! Go try Coframe and let me know what you think :)


Chris Robinson@chris_robinson10

@chrismessina @rrhoover @0xpayne Cool product! I was wondering when somebody would build something like this. When it came to development, were there any unexpected surprises?


Matthias Strafinger@matthias_strafinger

@0xpayne Super interesting. Looking forward to follow your journey. btw. I tried it out and it states that it is still drafting variants for 30 minutes...


Kirill Goryunov@kirillgoryunov

@chrismessina @rrhoover @0xpayne congrats on your second launch in last 7 days man, you're crushing it! Also, love the music you composed for that demo : )


André J@sentry_co

Would it be possible to connect google analytics and GitHub actions with this in the middle? I think I could add it into my landing page if it can. Currently I host the landing page on GitHub pages and all user metrics are piped through google analytics.