Bootstrapping SQLite for Marketers with Chat’s Help

Bootstrapping SQLite for Marketers with Chat’s Help

Before today I had no idea what SQLite was.

Within 1 hr, thanks to ChatGPT, I used it on my terminal on my mac.

I processed and SQL file and got some simple outputs.

It was super cool.

This would not be possible before Chat - I just would get too bored.

It’s speedrunning learning the basics of tools like this that are not approachable for the average person.

Now - anyone with a goal and clear desire to solve a project can get bootstrapped to level 1.

The top tier will be unaffected, but getting started is easier than ever.

I like ChatGPT in scenarios like this, where you bring the data and the goals, and you can clearly measure if something worked or not.

So ChatGPT is great for instructions on how to get started manipulating data and compiling it.

It’s also great for understanding when to use different tools and how they work together. For example, SQLite is great for working with an sql file, since it’s serverless.

But it doesn’t have built in standard deviation in a stats package.

So I ran into an issue with an interesting query.

For that R studio is best.