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Clear Thinking & Visual Storytelling That Inspires Action

Unlock your potential to create powerful strategies and become a thought leader. These are the exact 50 strategic frameworks and models I've used to rapidly create strategy for companies using a simple 7-step strategic thinking model.

Stylish, modern diagrams and charts used by top strategists worldwide

Save hours searching for the right framework to visualise your idea

Go from 'blank page' to 'ridiculously good strategy'

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What Is The Overnight Strategist?

The Overnight Strategist method is a counterintuitive approach to building good strategy and articulating a vision for your product or service.

We turn raw ideas into a clearly defined vision and story that can inspire teams and make you into a thought leader.

It is based on a 7-step strategic thinking framework that uses a cascading method to define the problem, create insights and tell a story.

Overnight Strategist Is A Shortcut

Before I created the Overnight Strategist system - I wasted hours looking for visuals and frameworks that will help me create a strategy.

I would get lost in the process and found my strategy lacked the clarity, impact or quality needed to create change.

So I decided to find a better way. After several years of trial and error, I discovered a reliable way to structure ideas, analyse data and craft a narrative.

I've finally reached a point where I can consistently create a high quality strategy and be seen as a trusted advisor.

I distilled my 17+ years of experience into a simple system that uses a 7-step framework that will take you from idea to finished strategy.

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Here's Why You Should Use The Overnight Strategist Way

Reduce the number of steps in your strategy making journey by 50%! Once you try the new method 💪, you'll never return to the old way 🤮


And Here's What This Means To You And Your Business

Creating strategy is hard and you can easily find yourself in a rabbit hole searching for templates and frameworks to find the best way to articulate your vision.

A clearly articulated strategy can be the difference between inspiring action and being ignored. When done correctly it makes you into a thought leader and trusted advisor to your clients or stakeholders.

That's why I developed the Overnight Strategist model to get you on the straight line to a rapidly build your high quality, high impact strategy.

And to help with crafting your next strategy - I distilled my near 2 decades of experience and knowledge into a curated set of 50 modern strategy frameworks.

This is the ultimate set of strategic thinking tools I wished I had when I was creating strategy and engaging with clients. It saves hours when you can simply go to the relevant section of your journey and grab a model you need.

No matter if you are at the start, middle or late in the journey of creating your strategy, you will find plenty of inspiration from the frameworks.

And the best part... can download the Strategist Toolkit and start using it immediately (its intuitive so you can use it straight away but I've included walkthroughs as well 😀).

Also, there are no filler or outdated models in the toolkit.

I've made it a point to only include my favourite and best models.

These come directly from my library of strategy assets and I use them regularly in my consulting engagements with blue chip companies.